Monday, September 5, 2011

Spicing things up

On my list of to-dos was organizing our pantry, specifically our collection of spices.

It was hard to find the spices. After some looking online, I borrowed the idea of using magnetized metal tins on a metallic cookie sheet for the organization. My bff, Jen, was in town this weekend so she helped me clean out the shelves in the pantry and put the spices into the containers. I used adhesive-backed dry erase material that I found at AC Moore in order to label the spices. I used command sticky stuff to adhere the cookie sheet to the back of the pantry.

I picked up the tins at BB&B. In practice, I didn't have space for all of my spices and I wanted to keep the Penzey's spices in their containers since the jars are a nice glass. But this is how it turned out in the end.

There are still a fair amount of spices in their own containers, but it is a little easier to see the spices. And our pantry is organized for the first time ever.

By the way, I am in love with the Iced Starbucks Via packets right now. Yum! Anyway, a special thanks to Jen for helping me with this post! So glad that she is back from Scotland!! This project took actually very little time. We had a great time visiting and doing fun things in the area. Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day weekend!

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