Monday, September 19, 2011

Trim part 2

Wow! So, I know it has been a while since I last blogged. I think it probably had something to do with having lovely guests here every weekend for the past 4 weekends (which by the way has been great). We love seeing our friends and finally have a place for people to stay when they come over. Between all of the visits, I have been slowly working on finishing up the trim in the master bedroom. I had my big post on trim earlier, so this is more or less a continuation of the same theme.

Here are some before shots. You'll want to note that I did actually pre-paint one of the windows (see first pic). What had happened is that I did this while I was working on the master bathroom trim and then realized I needed to get the guest room done before concentrating on the master bedroom, so switched tracks after I had the window complete.

So, after many hours (and lectures since that is my favorite way to paint and learn at the same time), we have fresh new trim paint in the master bedroom. I personally love the way it complements the gray tones in the room. The peachy white just wasn't doing it for me.

I do have something to confess. (And what more private place than the internet?) I did not move the actual bed or dresser since they are really difficult to move (even with multiple people). I have enough paint that if we ever do decide to move our furniture around, it shouldn't take me too long to touch up those areas. And in the meantime, no one will ever know the difference... I hope to get more projects done soon. I am taking a class (well auditing actually) this fall, so I have had a harder time keeping up with everything, but I like doing small updates when I have the chance. Stay tuned.

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