Sunday, March 16, 2014

Puppy Love

Hello! Can you believe it's snowing? Again!?! Ugh! I am SO over this winter. It doesn't help that my morning sickness pretty much started with the cold and lasted the whole winter. I think I have a mental association between snow and throwing up. Hopefully, this is the LAST one! As promised, I am back with a post about the stuffed puppy I have been making (and you can too!).

I showed you these in progress pictures in my last post.

I made the puppy using Haan Crafts. Here is the final result!

The puppy backstory: Back in December 2012, J's mom sent him home with a box of old stuffed animals from his childhood. When we were going through it, J exclaimed, "Puppy!" (this would be the puppy on the right in the picture below). Puppy was not quite finished though, and still had some straight pins in him. He was a home economics project back in middle school. I sewed him up (and fixed some less than quality stitching). Well, then I wanted to sew a puppy of my own (at $10/pup, the price is right). So, I sewed the puppy on the left (let's hold off on the judgement - J and I are young at heart). When I found out I was pregnant, I realized our kiddo would need a puppy of his/her own. So, I ordered a new kit from Haan.

The new puppy turned out quite a bit bigger than the other two (I guess I didn't use as thick of a seam), which has made us giggle a bit. The "baby" puppy is bigger than the other two. :)

Anyway, we love our new puppy and hope our baby does too!

As for how I am doing (if you are curious)... On the whole, I am doing better. I went 6 days this week without throwing up. I was a little disappointed to lose it again, but I wasn't all that surprised. This week (week 17), I have started craving meat. Considering this is supposed to be a food aversion, I find this a little weird. I am thinking it means I am low on protein. But, I have been eating a lot of eggs, chicken, and beef this week. It's weird, but carbs kind of gross me out right now. Except fruit. I am enjoying fruit at the moment (especially watermelon and bananas). I also really enjoy celery and milk (considering I never really liked bananas, milk or meat before, I find this all a little funny). I am continuing to workout nearly every day, which is nice. When the weather was nice, I would take some nice walks. Walking has helped with the nausea and my overall mood. It's nice that it's a little lighter later now. I did have a vivid dream that our baby was a girl. It surprised me quite a bit since I have been thinking it’s a boy. I am getting so excited for the gender scan. I wish it would be here sooner! I have felt some movement, but it's sort of feels like being tickled from the inside. Nothing strong yet. I do have an anterior placenta, so that may be why I don't feel too much yet. I'm hoping I start feeling more consistent movement soon though! Oh, and 2 nights ago, something a little funny happened. I was sleeping and must have had a nightmare (common in pregnancy), and I started screaming in my sleep. Well, this woke J up:

J: "What's wrong?"
Me: "There's someone in the hall?"
J: "Who's in the hall?"
Me: "Mimes"
J: "What?!"
Me: "Mimes" (I fall asleep)

When we talked about it the next morning, I could not stop laughing about it.

Anyway, hope you are all doing well!

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  1. Hahaha.... loving the puppy pics and the mimes dream :-) And the fact that you fell right back asleep afterwards!