Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decisions, decisions...

My life seems to be full of decisions these days. Reminds me of Ursula's famous, "Life's full of tough choices, innut?" You know the scene just before Ariel signs away her voice? My life feels a little like that right now, though maybe a little less dramatic. Along with some personal decision making, we are also trying to make decisions on the new mini-bar area in the basement. I mentioned this during my demo post, but then decided to visit The Tile Shop, which made my decision process that much more difficult. For one, I found the tile we both really liked from my last post was a low-quality wall tile. Hmpf.

The Tile Shop is great. It is enormous and has a huge selection. I love these subway wall tiles. I would love to use them one day.

I loved this gray/blue subway tile.

I thought these would be pretty awesome for the backsplash downstairs.

I also thought this one would look great as a backsplash, especially with the green colors in the basement. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

 They also have these faux wood tiles. I really loved them all, but J was not a huge fan. I tried to convince him to no avail. Oh well. I guess I have to compromise since the basement is more of his domain.

 I really loved this one. I thought the beige tones would go well with the carpet downstairs, but I again got a veto from J.

This one was a pretty generic ceramic, but it was a little too blah for me.

This one was also okay, but a little dark.

I thought this one was both a little too shiny and too creamy.

 We both really liked this Travertine tile, but the price tag was a little on the steep side. Also, I was pretty hesitant to go with Travertine for my first tile job.

I love this for a backsplash. You may see this again.

I think this one may be the winner for both of us. It has enough light and dark tones to work, but I may try to go in and buy one of these tiles this weekend to make sure it works in the space. 

 I liked this one, but J thought it was too dark.

 The Tile Shop also had these cool setups that showed the layers behind proper tile installation.

As well as some awesome displays (I promise no one is paying me to say this). So, which tile is your favorite? Any recommendations?

After The Tile Shop, I stopped by Home Depot to look at some countertops. I didn't get very far, but here are a few of my favorites.

Too many decisions...

Anyway, I'll be back soon with the progress downstairs. It's looking much better. :)

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