Monday, September 30, 2013

Basement Demo

Hello once again readers! I admit I haven't been very good about posting recently. Part of that is that I haven't been working on a whole lot, and the other part is laziness of blogging about what I have been working on. Just to catch up a bit, I have been continuing to work on the dollhouse. I had no idea it would take so long to fix that thing up. I work on it almost every evening and I just got all the exterior work done. But, that is a post for another day. Other activities of note were painting wine glasses with some friends. I think they turned out pretty good. I was going for seasons.

J and I also spent a Sunday in September going on a hike nearby. There's a nice (mostly shaded) trail near our house.

We've also entertained at our place twice in September, which limits the amount of projects I do because I was trying to keep the house looking clean and nice. It almost never looks put together while I am working on something.

This past Sunday, I was supposed to go apple picking with some of my girlfriends. Unfortunately, there was some horrible accident, and I got stuck in traffic and couldn't make it. Whatever happened must have been horrible. Anyway, after getting stuck in traffic for 1.5 hours, I decided to bail (since I would have been horrendously late). I was pretty frustrated. After already being frustrated that morning when J and I went to watch the church service on streaming and the connection got all messed up (ironically, it was a sermon on anger). So, long story short, I decided to start demoing the downstairs bar area that has been on my to-do list for a long time. I was also prompted to start this project when I found out that one of my friends in the area had a wet saw I could borrow to do the tile work. :)

Here is a before shot. The plan is to take out the carpet in the bar area and slightly around the bar area and put in tile. Then, we will get a new beverage fridge, new cabinets, countertop, sink, light fixture, etc. Basically, this entire bar area had been put together very poorly and cheaply. I'm not anticipating spending a lot of money, but enough to get this looking decent. And all the gold stuff has got to go.

You can see the lovely job the previous owners did with the drain pipe for the sink.

Random drywall holes for no reason. Thankfully, the water lines did have shutoffs. That was a huge relief. The shutoffs are the quarter turn kind, which are actually really nice to have.

With everything out on the bottom. I did most of the unscrewing and detaching, but then J came down to help with getting the countertop, sink, and base cabinet out and disassembled.


I'll donate most of this to the Habitat for Humanity reStore.

Oh yea, this was good. They actually screwed the mirror onto the wall from the other side of the drywall. Why you would ever hang a mirror this way is beyond me.

J and I ventured to Home Depot and brought home some samples of tiles we liked for the new flooring. We both really like the center one. I plan on going over to the Tile Shop at some point and seeing if there are others we might like.

I was sort of trying to match the tile by the door to the outside, but the closest match wasn't all that close. I think we determined that matching the other tile may not be all that important.

Finished the demo work. I haven't taken the light out yet because I think it will be helpful to have there during the tiling stage. However, it will most certainly be replaced. Next on the agenda is fixing up the drywall, cutting out the carpet and attaching new tack strips for the carpet. I'll probably work on the drywall repair first. Even though a lot of it will be covered up, I think it's better to have a good surface to start with. We don't need to repeat the last owner's mistakes. All in all, I am getting pretty excited about the project. I have started some modeling of what I want to do, so I'll have more soon.


  1. when i first glanced down at the picture of the three tiles, i immediately thought, 'i like the middle one the best.' then i read on that you guys like that one too! so good choice :-)

  2. You are so handy. Good thing J has a handy-woman.. I can't wait to see the final product! (Maybe in time for a Christmas/New Year's Party like we've done in the past?? Except no one getting sick in the basement bathroom - I think we'll be good on that this year ;-)