Sunday, January 22, 2012

Urban Nature

I am up blogging after watching the end of the games today. Before I get into the main event of this weekend (spoiler alert: it is more basement painting), can I just say that I am pretty disappointed about who will be in the Super Bowl this year? I don't really follow football, but Baltimore versus San Francisco would have been so much more interesting. Oh well. Back to the basement. In our attempt to prepare for this weekend, we had looked at samples on the wall. This subset is probably about a third of the total samples we looked at for the color. We knew we wanted something in the green family. 

After narrowing it down, I painted three samples on the wall. Of these three, we liked the one on the right the most... but we actually were not sold on any of them. We decided that they didn't really fit the room. So, we were back to square one. Our big mistake was not looking at the color next to the pool table originally. We liked the colors on the wall, but neglected to think about how they would work in the space. When we were re-evaluating, we took a look at a portfolio of Benjamin Moore paint samples that I had picked up at Pottery Barn over the summer. Turns out, there was a color in there that ended up working out perfectly. For reference, we ended up going with a color called: Urban Nature (or AF440). And we love it.

Here is a shot of me doing my painting contortions on the stairwell. My dad makes platforms to go on stairs for painting, but I was a dancer so I prefer my way.

Again, J did the rolling. We visited with J's cousin, her family, and J's parents on Saturday for lunch, so we did this coat on Saturday afternoon/evening. I only got about half the edge-work done on Saturday and ended up doing the rest today after church and during the games. It takes about 4 hours/coat for the rolling and 8-10 hours/coat for the edging. But we are loving the way it looks: the color, how it looks with the pool table and the flow from the beige to the green.

Only one more coat to go and we can start putting the basement back together again! I am looking forward to that! We also decided we need more lights in the basement in general. Looks like we have another project! 


  1. but what about family and the journey?

  2. It is gone... actually that quote never really made sense and J hated it. :)