Saturday, November 12, 2011

odds and ends

I meant to post this when this happened but (as usual), things were super busy. So, this is what landed on our front stoop a few weeks ago?
Look at the date on this? "January 1985." I have two theories. One is that someone was recycling old magazines. The other.... is that our house was being built in the winter of 1985. It is possible, I suppose, that this was wedged somewhere in the house and came loose? Not sure, but we decided to keep it. :)

Anyway, I haven't been doing many DIY stuff this week, but I have been updating some cosmetic details around the house. I bought a new rug for the front door.

I also made this wreath this week (I guess that was DIY). I bought the materials at AC Moore and wrapped it together with ribbon. I thought it would be cute for the rest of fall.

I also finally bought a welcome mat!

Here are some shots from around our complex.

And our tree in the backyard. Starting to look pretty!

I also got a lampshade for our small light. Still not sure it is going to stay on the sideboard, but it looks cute for now.

And I got some new purple pillows!!

I forgot to add this picture last week. Joe's parents gave us this rocking chair. I plan on recovering it soon. Details to follow...

I also used stuff I already had on hand in order to make our downstairs guest bedroom/exercise room a little more pretty before Thanksgiving. Here are some before shots.

And after:

I decided to use the wreath we had on our front door as decor. I will likely replace it at some point, but I thought it worked for now. That is all I have for now. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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