Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fun

This weekend is sadly over. Especially since it was so gorgeous outside. I wish I had Columbus Day off, but sadly, I don't. Anyway, this weekend, I decided that I wanted to do something about our bay window's coverings (shown below). I wasn't really digging the sheers that came with the house and wanted to do things differently. The amount of thought that went into this project far exceeded the actual amount of updating. I played around with the idea of roman shades, blinds, and different types of sheers and curtains. I really did like the concept of roman shades, but there was a lacking in practicality. Or maybe there was a lack in me willing to fork over the money to get them custom made. I think it was a little of both. I had seen a tutorial on pinterest for DIY-ing roman shades. However, the tutorial assumes that your fabric is wide enough to cover the whole window. And our middle section of the bay window is 59.5 inches wide, while upholstery fabrics are typically 55 inches at widest. So, that wouldn't work (and look nice too). I could have the roman shades custom done, but that is really expensive.

Which is why I found myself spending over an hour at the Country Curtains store staring at curtains. And all I really accomplished was getting new sheers in a new textile (cotton instead of polyester) and color. I hung them a little more stylishly, and we are pretty happy with how the room looks. We walked around and looked at what other people did around our neighborhood, which was mostly blinds, and think that this looks a little nicer.

However, if we ever cut down that tree out front, our privacy is going to be seriously compromised. We are considering curtains in front of the bay window, but haven't yet decided. Maybe we'll figure that out once we know how cold that window will make the room in the winter. 

I still find it ridiculous that I spent so long in the store and made so little of an actual change. haha. 

I also picked up this fun bike from Pier 1. 

Today, instead of painting inside (which is my next task to-do), I decided to spend the day outside with my bff, Jen, who just moved to the area. We decided to meet in MD to go apple and pumpkin picking. Here are some shots from our day. 

Do you like how I buckled my pumpkins in? :) 

I like how the front of the house is looking a little more like Autumn these days. 

Maybe, I will carve out a pumpkin for Halloween and use the insides to make something yummy! :) 

I also had to share this photo, taken on the way back from MD. I just studied Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus for Bible Study, so I liked how I drove on Damascus Rd. (PS - the car was not moving while I snapped the photo). 

Finally, in a preview of what is to come later this month, my dad and I have been planning out how to put the microwave on its own circuit, so that it doesn't trip the entire first floor's circuit breaker. And I have been trying to get some good shots from the basement of how the wiring was done when the microwave was put in (which was after the house was built). We discovered a questionable outlet above the microwave, and then found the wire coming from the first floor to the ceiling of the basement (next to the sewer pipe coming down in the second photo below). Which means that it is likely that the power for the microwave ties in at the breaker box, which means some manipulation at the box rather than trying to route the wire ourselves. Ideally, this should make things easier. More on that project in a few weeks. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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