Saturday, July 18, 2015

Second quilt

As promised, I wanted to post a few pictures of my second quilt. My inspiration came from here. I really, really enjoyed making the quilt. It took many hours of L napping to get it finished. This quilt is for friends of ours who are having a baby girl. The quilt should fit a crib (it's about 37" x 50"). I'm actually really loving quilting. It's a great hobby for naptime and it feels good to do something with my hands that isn't too loud.

Here are some of my original strips. They are each 2.5 inches x WOF (width of fabric). 

Pieced top. It was a little tricky lining up the angles, but I got the hang of it (after messing up several times).

I added a purple border. It's a little unconventional since there is no purple in the pieced section, but I sort of loved the purple and pink for a little girl.

For quilting, I did every other column and followed the chevron (stitch in the ditch). 

The binding ties in the back fabric (a pink mermaid fabric) with the pieced colors. It's the same design as the back, but in white.


Since our friends live in the northeast, I used a super warm batting. I personally love how soft it turned out. I actually have enough of the chevron pieces to make another one. 

I'm a little stumped about what I want my next project to be. I plan on updating L's crib skirt next, but that's a pretty quick project. 


  1. You are so crafty.. I love the colors of this one and especially the unexpected purple border! Such a special gift, too :-)