Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY High Chair Cover

So, I lied in my last post when I said that it would be it before I delivered. Turns out, our kid is far too comfortable in there. As our induction (aka eviction) date draws nearer, I thought I would share a little last minute project. I ended up taking this week off from work. I am pretty happy that I did because I have been spending most of the week sleeping. Seriously, my body cannot seem to handle being 39 weeks pregnant. And for the record, I never thought I would be this pregnant. It makes me have much greater sympathy for the ladies that go overdue. I have been getting up to eat breakfast and then falling back asleep for a few hours every day this week. I have also gotten at least one thing cleaned, too, which I am sure will make me feel better after delivery. Monday was bathrooms and yesterday was laundry. It's always nice coming home to a clean house. Everything is set up and ready to go at this point. We're just missing a baby...

Anyway, on Sunday and Monday, I ended up making new high chair covers. The high chair we will eventually use comes from my parents. My dad recently refinished it. You can't really find very many wooden high chairs anymore, so we're pretty grateful that my parents kept it. We also have a plastic space saver high chair that can attach to an existing seat. We plan on using that for earlier on (it reclines) and for trips since we can easily bring it with us places. I figure we'll start using the wooden chair once baby is a little bigger and can sit up easily on his own.

The padding for the wooden high chair was looking a little worn and outdated (sorry mom).

But, I had batting and the fabric that we used in our dining room on hand and figured I could easily make new covers that matched.

I used the old covers as a pattern for the new ones. I think my new ones are slightly smaller, but should still work fine.

To sew, I sewed the outside pieces together with the batting, leaving one end open so I could turn it.

Making the little strings was the most annoying part of the whole process. Getting them to fold in on themselves and stitch was frustrating.

Seats side-by-side.

I basically did the same thing for the top piece (following the pattern from the original). I made a small mistake, but I don't think it's super noticeable, so I won't point it out.

I think the new one looks a little smaller since I didn't include the ruffle.

That's all from me. I don't have the high chair here yet, so I can't show you the two together, but I think my new padding turned out pretty well. I'm pretty sure the baby won't care one way or the other, though! Ha. Okay, kid, we have all the things ready. You can make your appearance now! 

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