Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day (a day late, I know) to all the moms out there as well as the mamas to be. For mother's day, my baby got me projectile vomiting, hormonal crying and foot problems (my feet are so sore!). He'll need to work on his gift-giving. :) We had a very nice Mother's Day weekend. My parents came down and brought me plants for Mother's Day, which was really nice. I had been complaining about our front flower bed since the weather had turned nicer. It has been hard for me to do anything out there because I am getting rather big and I tire out easily. My parents and J came to the rescue. My mom had gotten some great plants close to where she lives. Three of our bushes didn't survive the winter (sadly), so she got us 2 bushes, a potted plant, monkey grass, and 8 impatiens.

Here is a before shot.

Removing the dead bushes.

All the new stuff planted, including a potted plant for our steps. I did help plant and clear out leaves, but I could not have done it without help!

Thankfully, the perennials that I had planted last year seem to be coming back!

And the azalea that my mom gave us last year seems to be struggling, but surviving. I am hoping it gets a bit bigger this spring and summer.

After we were done planting, J mulched for me, which makes the front look fantastic.

 My dad also helped me hang curtains in the baby room. If you remember, we had removed the bifold doors in there for easier access to the closet. I bought these curtains from Country Curtains. I think they really go with the other grays I have in the room (window curtains will be covered in another post), and tone down the blue on the walls. I chose a simple rod from Country Curtains so that the curtains would go all the way to the edge of the closet. Oh, and see the box of Huggies on the floor? Fun story. J and I actually won that (a $33 value) at Babies R' Us last weekend. We had gone to check out some items on the registry, and they were having a raffle. We didn't win the carseat, but 103 diapers + 64 wipes isn't too bad!

My chair for the nursery also arrived (last weekend)! It's a glider + recliner that I bought from Target. It's super comfy, and I love it! Again, curtains on the windows will be covered soon (spoiler alert: I made them). Once we get our other furniture in, I may move the chair a bit, but I want to wait until the dresser and crib arrive to make the final call.

How it looks with the curtains closed. I think I personally like them open better.

I also picked up these closet dividers at Babies R' Us, which help with organizing. My mom took me out shopping on Saturday. We went to a kid's consignment shop that I have been wanting to check out. I am so glad we did. They had some really cute things for super cheap. We spent $11 on 3 outfits. I am not buying too many baby clothes in advance of my shower, but I am glad to know of a place I can go to fill out the baby's wardrobe (especially since they stock clothes up to kids size 14).

I bought this closet organizer as well, which I figure will be helpful with storage and organizing. My dad also helped us out with some other projects (not pictured), such as leveling the ceiling fan in the baby room, and working on the trim for our bar area (will be covered in a separate post once we have finished it). I am super grateful for all their help this past weekend. After all that work, we had a relaxing Sunday. We went to church, had a nice lunch and celebrated Mother's Day.

I didn't do a whole lot after my folks took off on Sunday, but I did finally add the elephant to the music box for the mobile with hot glue.

Excuse the weird lighting, but you get the idea. 

Once we have the crib, I'll install the mobile over it. :) It's pretty exciting to see the room slowly come together. I am really looking forward to getting the other furniture in.

So, those are my updates from this busy weekend. It's getting late so I'll save my other thoughts for a different post. Thanks for reading!

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