Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nursery Painting

Hello everyone! I'm back with some more nursery updates! J and I dedicated this weekend to getting the baby room a bit more ready. So, we'll start off with those updates. To keep you reading, you can hear about the stupid thing I did this weekend towards the end.

So, here are the before shots with the room all cleared out.

The first thing we did was to remove these bifold doors. I am planning on using curtains over the closet for easier access. The bifold doors in this room have never worked all that well, and I hated them.

We then painted the trim from peach back to a white color as we have been doing in all the rooms we have re-painted. This officially makes the upstairs completely white-trim! Since we have been using Sherwin Williams Snowbound for all of the trim, we used that for this room as well. However, I got it color matched at Home Depot in no VOC semi-gloss, since I'm not supposed to paint with paint containing VOCs (VOC paint is also not recommended for baby rooms anyway). For the record, I like the way Sherwin Williams' paint covers better than the Home Depot brand.

J did the rolling for the door and the window seats, while I focused on the trim and molding.

We then moved onto priming. I used spackle to fill in all the holes and cracks prior to priming. We again used no VOC primer (Kilz). For some reason, the room was painted in a semi-gloss, so using the primer helped with the paint grabbing onto the walls. J did all the rolling, while I did the edging on the floors, ceiling and window frames (which are a huge pain, btw).

It was then truly decision time. I had narrowed the choices down to these 4 options (all Benjamin Moore). We ended up going with Breath of Fresh Air, 806, by BM on the right. I was torn between that one and Heaven on Earth (bottom), but the two colors were actually super similar.

Painted room + me at 24 weeks. I am feeling a bit... large these days.

J looking cool.

Don't worry! There are more pictures of the room. But... first, I decided to switch out all the old and ugly outlets in the room.

I replaced them with new outlets, which are tamper resistant. What this means is that they are automatically baby-proof. Score. They are also white, which matches the rest of the room. Here's when things got interesting. Story time! So, I very carefully made sure all of the circuit breakers were off to the room before starting and double-checked each outlet. I installed all of the outlets without incident. Until I got to the light switch. It was also off when I wired it. I then had J go down to turn on the circuit breaker so I could test the light switch before screwing everything back in.... yea, so I accidentally touched a live wire and gave myself a nice 120VAC shock (yup - touched a black/hot). I immediately screamed and let go. Cue panic by J who wanted to know what happened. It all happened so quickly that I am still not sure of the current path. I know the hot was on my pinky because that's where I felt it and it went up my arm. But that's all I have. My other hand was on ground (yup - maximum stupidity). I still can't believe I went through countless EE labs, have re-wired multiple rooms in this house, never gotten shocked, and, now, 24 weeks pregnant, I manage to do this. Anyway, we got the breaker back off, everything put back where it should (no more shocks). At this point, J is like, "you need to call the OB." I agree and call. Needless to say, they weren't all that concerned. They asked if I was okay, which I am. I didn't even really feel pain, just well... shock. Baby has still been kicking me after the incident, so I am hoping and praying everything is okay. After some extensive googling, I have found lots of other pregnant ladies who have shocked themselves (in some cases to much worse degrees) and everything was fine. I still can't believe how stupid the whole thing was because I am seriously always so careful with wiring. So, that's my story from this weekend.

Anyway, here's the finished product. Keep in mind the light was fading at this point, so the pictures aren't terribly light. Don't worry, there will be lots more pictures once we get furniture in here.

I do like how the color turned out. It's a bit more of a bright blue than I thought it would be, but I think it will tone down some once we get the furniture in here. Keep in mind the lighting is just off in these photos, too. I promise there will be better pictures as we move along with the baby room. Also, the outlets will get covered as soon as the room has a little more time to dry.

Anyway, that's all for now. I can't believe we managed to get so much done this weekend. Yay for productivity and being done painting! I'm less thrilled about shocking myself. Ugh. More soon!


  1. Love it!! (The room/color, not the shocking yourself part..) :-) You look so cute with your belly! And I saw a peek of a pretty necklace to match! I'm glad that you were able to get so much done this weekend. Ours was pretty productive at home but I didn't get into painting this weekend like I had hoped - more so, just some spring cleaning & organizing. Maybe one day after work this week I'll feel as productive and check off some paint projects myself ;-)

    1. Thanks Courtney! Yea, I'm pretty happy we were so productive as well. Makes our next few weekends a lot easier. Sorry you didn't get your painting projects done, but I am sure you will soon! :)

  2. You look amazing! I love the color you picked. Very soothing. Also I wanted to tell you I totally have a thing for elephants so I'm loving the mobile you made. You are so talented and patient. Glad you are ok- as someone who has googled pretty much everything, I can assure you that babies are pretty hearty little things. :)

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate that! :) Yea, I ended up going to the doctor today (moved my 24 week appointment up a few days) and we had an extra sonogram and everything looks good so I'm pretty sure I didn't cause any damage. I guess we'll see if he comes out with any super powers.

  3. Looks good! I'm glad you are doing OK after the shock. That's scary! The baby has certainly grown since I last saw you!!

    1. Thanks! Oh geez, I hope I don't look too much bigger from when I saw you last week! This bump is getting out of control.