Sunday, February 16, 2014

Countertops, Knobs and Snow

Happy President's Day (almost)! I meant to do this post on Valentine's and say Happy Valentine's, so I hope you all had a nice one. J and I celebrated a night in. We had planned that beforehand, but it turned out to be a good idea considering all the snow we had this week (not to mention the new season of House of Cards)!

We woke up on Thursday to this scene.

J did the shoveling (what a good husband!). We actually really need a decent snow shovel. This was our first real snow since moving into our house and our small shovel turned out to be quite challenging. I'll have to pick up a new one on our next visit to Home Depot.

You can really tell how deep it is in comparison to the chairs.

Crazy. We finally dug ourselves out completely on Friday once it had warmed up a bit. We borrowed a shovel from our neighbor's, which helped tremendously. The plow truck really plowed our cars in, which meant a lot of snow moving to get the cars out.

Let's back up to the week before... (I am late with this post). We got our countertops installed (finally)! It is so nice to have them installed. I was so pleased with how well they were installed. I opted for no backsplash for now, although I may tile one in at some point.

A close-up of the pattern. We chose Cambria, which is a Quartz surface. Since it's manmade, it needs almost no upkeep. The actual surface looks slightly lighter than this. It has reddish flakes in it as well, which go really well with the cabinets.

I also finally installed the knobs onto the cabinets, which make the doors loads easier to open. I don't really have many steps here, since it mostly involved some measuring and hole drilling.

Now, all we have is a little more plumbing and finishing work and we can call this project done! (My dad is planning on helping with that, it may be a few weeks before we get on that).

More soon...


  1. I should have known based on the Kaliber in this picture. Anyway the bar looks good and I hope you feel better soon. We are very excited for you.

  2. Thanks Peter! Haha - I didn't even think about the Kaliber. I still haven't had any of it because I have been too nauseous, but maybe someday... I hope you guys are doing well!