Monday, December 19, 2011

merry little updates

I decided I really ought to blog, even though I haven't done all too much house updating. However, I did manage to get the attic ceiling trim painted. Here are a few "before shots". Notice the mismatch between the window trim and the ceiling trim.

And to the very exciting after shots. It really doesn't seem like a huge update because it is not. The hardest part (as it always is when you are painting the ceiling) was keeping my balance. Overall, I am glad that the trim work in here is finally done and all matching and pretty. It is definitely a big update from the un-trimmed version we had when we moved in. Unfortunately, I never took a true before photo.

I also decided that our front door should be painted, now that the stained glass was removed.

This is a close-up of the problem. The caulk around the windows was all junky looking. So, I sanded them down a little and got to painting.

At the time of this post, I have only managed to get one coat on. I plan on finishing her up and showing the final result. I also am planning on tackling the bay window trim after Christmas (when the tree is no longer in the window). More de-beige-ifying to come!

Here you can see the difference in the trim color with just one coat. It is going to look so clean and polished when all is said and done. So, more on that to come... I am also planning on painting the entry closet door, in case you were concerned about that.

In other news, I made salmon this evening for dinner, which was really yummy and thus picture worthy (though J did ask me why I was photographing our dinner). I always have trouble getting the timing right with salmon fillets in the oven. And so, for my own memory's sake, I baked the fillets at 400 for 20 minutes. I used a basil pesto sauce on top of them.

And for those that didn't realize this.. which is also the reason I haven't been posting recently, J finished his masters last week! Woohoo!

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